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All that you really need to know is that pictures of Tom Felton can trigger panic attacks so tagging those are cool. Want to know more just ask!

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I’m sorry I couldn’t resist I just really like these

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am i doing this right


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the price of dorms is stupid

the price of classes is stupid

the price of food is stupid

the price of books is hella stupid

getting an education should not be this stupidly expensive

Just wait until you have to pay for your diploma….

is that literally a thing

it is a thing - you have to pay to graduate at my university

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Sabine Wren - kickass Mandalorian girl in Star Wars Rebels.

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thinking of each of the LI’s reactions when the Warden comes out to them as ace gives me life.

  • Zevran nods in understanding. he’s met others that felt this way, and is not surprised. he takes the Warden’s hand and brings it to his lips, then meets their eyes. he smiles, soft and sweet, and assures them that he is happy to be with them, in whatever ways the Warden is comfortable with. 
  • Leliana pulling the Warden into a close hug, soothing nerves with a soft song from home. she pets the Warden’s hair and their fears wash away. Leliana declares her love again, she promises that will never change.
  • Alistair stares at first, not entirely sure how to react. but when he sees the way the Warden twists their hands with anxiety, he recognizes his mistake. he pulls them close and kisses them on the cheek, and promises that this changes nothing.
  • Morrigan firmly declaring that such things are unimportant to her if the Warden has no interest. she has no desire to pressure them into something they do not want, be it a romantic relationship or a sexual one. she is satisfied to know she loves them, and they love her.
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httyd + text posts

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#nat and steve probably fought for like five minutes over who got to use the laser pointer (via briecheesies)

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[part one] [part two]

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thinking about Hawke coming out as ace to the DA2 LIs is also good:

  • Merrill nods happily, assuring Hawke that their relationship does not need to be physical to be perfect. but once Hawke smiles with relief, she can’t resist asking curious questions, wishing to understand her love even more.
  • Fenris listening silently to Hawke’s confession, taking it all in and processing it before speaking. when he finally does speak, it is simply to assure Hawke that he is still there, and always will be, for as long as Hawke desires.
  • Isabela smiling sadly at Hawke, knowing how nervous they must have been. she traces her fingers along their cheek, and laughs softly, saying that she’s already experienced things with Hawke she never thuoght she could. a physical relationship is the least of her concerns.
  • Anders pulls Hawke close to him, squeezes tight to make sure they know he isn’t going anywhere. he whispers in their ear that as long as Hawke is happy, so is he. 
  • Sebastian listening with rapt attention when Hawke explains. he takes their hand and squeezes it when they have finished, and that night he thanks the Maker in his prayers for introducing Hawke to him.
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